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Digital & Hand-Painted Illustrations

Diving into the story, I create a new world using my imagination and it’s something I absolutely love. While working with an author, instead of overshadow the story with my own style, I try to establish close collaboration and understand how an author sees the story to develop the unique style for each project. My most important goal is to be the voice of the authors and empower them to visualize the story in a way they want to do it. That is why in my portfolio you can find such a wide range of styles. My dominant medium is watercolor, but it did not prevent me to excel in digital art.
Zalatimo cover.jpg
The story of a resilient young man who dreamt of opening the greatest sweets bakery in the world. Nobody thought
he could do it. But with hard work and his family’s love, he made it a spectacular success! Based on the true story of
the founding of the world famous Zalatimo Sweets bakery in the Old City of Jerusalem - which is still running, since 1860. Written by Salah Zalatimo and illustrated by Margarita Fomenko. All illustrations are hand painted.
‘Super Soren’ is the magical adventure of an underdog for young girls and boys. Soren is different from the other kids. She enjoys collecting rocks, doing science experiments, math and playing in her forest retreat. The other children call her weird, and the school bully picks on her.
Illustrations are hand-painted with watercolors.
8x10 book cover.jpg
Cover behance.jpg
A boy and his teddy have enjoyed a wild day of play, but now the mess has gotten a bit out of hand. Together they must work to undo the Great Toy Disaster by making it a game. They race to straighten the room together, first by picking up all the blue items, and then the things you wear, and continuing step-by-step until the room is put to rights. Finally, it's time to say goodnight and get rested for another day of play tomorrow. Written by Sarah Winter and illustrated by Margarita Fomenko. Illustrations for this book were created digitally.
Problems are abundant. But so, too, are solutions. In their first adventure, Ollie & Clementine watch as one person after another rises to meet the needs of their community. Over the course of the story, Ollie & Clementine come to learn that many challenges can be addressed through individual acts of compassion, stewardship, and kindness - one person, all together! 
Illustrations created digitally.
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