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My name is Margarita Fomenko and I'm a watercolor artist and digital 2D illustrator living in sunny California. 

I enjoy creating artwork from my imagination as much as I love painting what I see.


When I started my art journey with watercolors, I immediately fell in love with its transparency, softness and glow. Watercolors are a bit unpredictable and that's what makes it such a unique medium to work with.


While I started as a traditional media artist, in 2016 I fell in love with digital and concept art. I adore high quality art and design created with passion and heart, and committed to follow high standards in my work as well. I absolutely love participating in creation of amazing projects which deliver joy to people through beautiful art. 


While working with a client, instead of overshadow the story with my own style, I try to establish close collaboration and understand how an author sees the story to develop the unique style for each project. My most important goal is to be the voice of the authors and empower them to visualize the story in a way they want to do it.

I’m a self taught artist, and I enjoy learning new skills, mediums and domains and accept all the feedback with an open mind. 

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